Creating children’s footwear Lepi uses the secrets of artisan manufacturing together with innovative technological solutions. It’s essential to ensure optimal feet transpiration in order to guarantee wellness for growing children’s feet.

LepiTex Waterproof

LepiTex® is a special membrane able to guarantee comfort and wellness thanks to footwear transpiration. The membrane is inserted between the internal lining and the upper of the shoe which makes the shoe waterproof and permeable to heat at the same time, preventing feet perspiration. The membrane is made of a special polyurethane that is deformation resistant and “breathable” thanks to which the characteristics of the shoe remain unchanged in any weather condition. Moreover, there is an anatomical and functional insole to make pleasant any children’s pass, whether it is slow, fast, running, jumping or walking.

The first choice materials, craftsmanship and the latest technologies are the elements by which the world of Lepi children’s footwear is distinguished. These are the features thanks to which the company is considered one of the best children’s footwear producers in the world.